Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rage of Bahamut - Overview

Rage of Bahamut is a battle card game (like Magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh) that was first released in early 2012 for Android and is now available for iOS devices. It is addictive and will keep you glued to your phone or iPad for a few weeks at least.

As with most games, it is usually easier if someone give you pointers. It is imperative to read this guide BEFORE creating an account. You can make some critical mistakes otherwise.

Bonus (Referral) Codes (USE ONE!!!)
You will see references to referral codes all over the gaming forums. Despite what others may claim, all referral codes give users the same bonus. When you enter a referral code at the end of the tutorial, you get a rare card and 50,000 rupies (the in-game currency). Although the rare card is useful early on for deck building, the 50,000 rupies really comes in handy. You are at a serious disadvantage if you don't use a referral code. The person whose account is associated with the referral code also receives 50,000 rupies and a rare card.


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How to Pick Your Realm
In the first step of the tutorial, you are immediately confronted with a choice. You must choose one of three realms...either Man, Gods or Demons. You CANNOT change your realm once you have selected one so you need to give it some thought.

Man cards tend to be more oriented towards defense than offense. God cards tend to have a balance between attack and defense. Demon cards are skewed towards attack.

There are an abundance of Demon players in the game as this is the most popular realm. If you pick the Man or God realms, you have a better chance of trading for cards that you need as demon cards in high demand. Each card is associated with a realm and you get bonuses for using cards within your realm. But you can use cards from any realm in your deck.

What happens in the game?
When you first start playing it you tend to say, gee...this is all you can do? Mainly you start acquiring cards, rupies, items and treasures through questing. The quests follow a "basic" storyline and provide you with cards and experience points that can be allocated between defense (DEF), attack (ATK) and stamina attributes. Its all about collecting cards and building killer decks which happens over time. You can also battle other players with your deck, but avoid this early on (you'll just end up losing rupies).

And every couple of weeks they run special events like Holy Wars. This is where the battles between Orders (groups of players) take place and you can win special cards and awards. These events are really competitive and enjoyable.

Tips for Beginners
1) Game is time dependent - Like most games, there is a time element. Your ATK points and stamina regenerate over time (1 point per minute). So its a game where you do things for a few minutes then come back later. Of course the game developers want you to buy items that allow you to recover faster:
Holy Powder (HP) - Restores your ATK and DEF points fully
Cure Water (CW) - Restores your stamina fully

You don't have to buy HP and CW. You can earn it (slowly) by completing quests.

When you run out of stamina, you can't keep working on quests, so stamina is very important early on. As you earn attribute points, apply them to stamina instead of ATK and DEF until your stamina gets to about 100. This will allow you to level up more quickly. The higher your level, the better chance you have of finding better cards.

2) Hold onto your HP and CW - Despite rupies appearing to be the in-game currency, there is very little you can do with rupies except enhance and evolve cards. The real in-game currency is HP (and to a lesser extent CW). HP and CW doesn't do you much good at the beginning of the game if you use it because your stats aren't high enough. And it becomes very valuable during Holy Wars. So hang onto it, don't use it or trade it.

3) Don't Make Trades Until You Get Familiar with the Game - As soon as you reach level 10, you'll start getting all kinds of trade offers from people trying to rip you off. They'll want to trade you useless cards to get your HP and CW or to get your rare cards.

4) Sorting out the value of HP and CW - Since the game is only a few month old, there really isn't a standard worth for HP and CW. It fluctuates from person to person. But these will give you a rough idea of values:
1 HP = 3 or 4 CW
1 Rare card = 2 to 4 HP (depends on how attractive the card is...some are more useful than others).
1 High Rare card = 7 to 9 rare cards (or the equivalent in HP)
S Rare and SS Rare cards are rarely sold by players. You usually have to trade for them (one S Rare for another).

5) Avoid evolving and enhancing cards - until you understand how to do it correctly. There are various guides in the forums that explain this. Since they show you how to evolve cards in the tutorial, a lot of beginning players start wildly enhancing and evolving cards. If you do it with some normal and high normal cards, its not a disaster. Doing it wrong with rares and up can be problematic. Ask advice if you aren't sure what to do. Evolving and enhancing cards is very important because it makes them stronger, but learn the game first!

6) Find an Order to join fairly quickly - Orders are groups of players that band together mostly to fight other Orders in Holy Wars or compete in other special events. Finding an order with good players who can help you out with advice, cards and treasures is always helpful. Multiple minds are better than one!

7) There Are No Cheats! - Stop looking for them. They aren't there! But the referral code will help you out, so use mine: kin73987

8) Adding Fellows (Friends) is critical - As you level up, you are able to add more fellows. This means connecting with other players. For each fellow you add, you gain an additional 5 attribute points. Make sure you always have your maximum number of fellows!

9) Daily bonuses - You gain daily bonuses of a free card, friendship points and rupies just for logging in (once per day). So make sure to login at least once. You can also gain these bonuses by tweeting once a day. After the 10th day of tweeting you get a special rare card.

10) Friendship points - These are useful as you can trade them in for Friendship Card Packs which give you a free card. The card is usually a normal or high normal card, but occasionally you will get rares. You can send support messages to other players and each support message you send gives you Friendship points. Trade in 200 points for a card pack. You can send up to 500 support messages per day and since you get about 20 points for each message, this can add up to quite a few free cards per day.

11) Attack with care - Attacking other players can reward you with rupies and treasures. However, you will lose rupies if you lose the battle. Don't attack opponents more than a few levels above you. Leveling up refills your stamina/attack/defense points. So try to use you attack points right before leveling up. Might as well get in an extra attack!

I hope you find this guide helpful. See you in the game!